'I will protect you if your governor FAILS.' vows Trump

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Wetherspoon owner Tim Martin has been one of the most vociferous critics of the government’s lockdown plans and has written a letter to MPs today accusing Boris Johnson of creating ‚economically ruinous policies, with no health benefits.‘

For weeks the president has told the governors of the 50 states that they should be trying to acquire their own supplies to combat the virus – including ventilators, which Trump said Tuesday would be heading to the national stockpile in big numbers, but wouldn’t hit more than 10,000 until May.  

PARIS, Dec 11 (Reuters) – Former police officer Mario Sandoval, accused of crimes against humanity during Argentina’s „Dirty War“ four decades ago, was arrested by French police on Wednesday after years of legal tussles, a lawyer representing the Argentine goverment said.

8 in the world in terms of infrastructure, for God’s sake,‘ he told NBC’s Craig Melvin in a ‚Today‘ show interview that aired Friday. ‚Is the private sector going to go out and build billions of dollars worth of highways? Ports? Airports? Bridges? Are they going to do that?‘  

Portugal’s Minister of Labour and Social Security, Ana Mendes Godinho, told the Web Summit conference in Lisbon last week, that while the pandemic has accelerated remote working, it exposed the need for government regulation.

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Sandoval, who moved to France after the fall of Argentina’s seven-year military dictatorship and obtained French citizenship in 1997, is accused by Argentine prosecutors of more than 600 human rights violations including torture.

Portugal’s Minister of Labour and Social Security, Ana Mendes Godinho, said last week that the pandemic exposed the need for government regulation of remote working (pictured, at the Web Summit conference in Lisbon)

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Spokesman Neil Pattison said: ‚It’s clear that the public are incredibly keen to get back to enjoying hospitality venues, but this analysis reveals just how damaging the new Government restrictions will be for our sector. 

France’s highest civil and criminal court Cour de Cassation and the French government authorised in 2018 Sandoval’s extradition to Argentina to face charges of crimes against humanity.

Sandoval filed an appeal to the Conseil d’Etat after those decisions.

The lawyer, Sophie Thonon-Wesfreid, told Reuters he was arrested just hours after France’s top administrative court, the Conseil d’Etat, rejected Sandoval’s appeal against his extradition. He was being held near Paris.

‚The impact of the tighter tiered system – which will force businesses in Tier 3 to remain closed unless they offer takeaway, and only allow those that serve food to operate in Tier 2 – will not only lead to a multi-billion pound loss for the sector, but could force many thousands of our talented workforce to look elsewhere for work.

The limitations, which are due to take effect on Thursday, will require all English pubs, bars and restaurants in the highest tier to shut except for takeaways, while those in Tier 2 can only remain open if they serve ’substantial meals.‘

Contradicting what Situs Judi Slot Terbaik dan Terpercaya no 1 di dunia.10 said on Friday, Eustice also claimed that diners do not have to leave their table once they have finished eating their food even if they still had more to drink, though he insisted to Sky News: ‚You can’t sit at a table all night ordering drink.‘  

‚Look how rapidly its recovered since we passed the last piece of legislation. And that legislation was $1.9 trillion,‘ he continued. ‚If we don’t invest in this country, we’re going to fall behind even further.‘

Melvin cited the $6 trillion figure – the cost of the already-passed COVID relief bill and then Biden’s proposed American Jobs Plan and his American Families Plan – and asked if it was wise to spend so much money while the economy was still in recovery mode due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Caterer.com spokesman Neil Pattison: ‚The impact of the tighter tiered system…will not only lead to a multi-billion pound loss for the sector, but could force many thousands of our talented workforce to look elsewhere for work‘

In its findings, Caterer.com stated that while the return of customers would have delivered a much-needed festive boost for the struggling industry, much of the sector now faces crisis amid a tighter tiered system and tougher restrictions.


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